Design with the Devs: BattleBlock FF Selection

>>EDIT: The live stream of Design with the Devs is finished, but the video is right HERE! Watch if you’re curious about how we select playlists for Furbottom’s Features or if you just want to see what silly things happened as we played through user made playlists.<<


Since opening night, players everywhere have embraced the BattleBlock Community Theater as the best place in the whole world to share your thoughts and dreams, so long as your thoughts and dreams looked exactly like BattleBlock Theater levels. Otherwise, you may just want to start a journal blog.

But, far from the prying eyes of the Community Theater community, a new and awesome ritual was also being held each week to identify which levels would become the next Furbottom’s Feature (FF). It is a ritual so new and so awesome, that it has no name.

…though for awhile it was known as “The Pickening”, but that sounded dumb so it went back to having no name again.

Normally, this mysterious process would remain hidden away, deep within The Behemoth’s bowels- but no longer! This Thursday from 3:00pm-5:00pm PDT, three of The Behemoth’s level designers will emerge on our channel to play and discuss this week’s Coop Adventure candidates; three playlists will enter, but only one will become the next Furbottom’s Feature!


We call it “Design with the Devs”, and yes, that’s 3 playing 3 at 3, not only because that sounded cool, but also because that’s all the time and level designers we have. With any luck, all of those numbers will add up to you learning more about why we pick what we pick when we pick a playlist to be featured.

Whether you choose to chat with your hand flanges or stare with your seeing-eye-bulbs, we hope you enjoy this first opportunity to sit and judge the way we sit and judge you. Hurray!