AH HD Bronze Trophy hunt is underway….

Somebody forgot to figure out that if we started up the leaderboard competition again, one of us would actually have to come into the office to check the leaderboards every Saturday… ๐Ÿ™ As you might guess, I got the short straw and so here I am, to announce our first winner and and post a weekly update on the monthly competitions: (Please remember that we check leaderboards around noon on Saturday because there is no given time Saturday that the leaderboards roll over.)

Alien Hominid HD, Weekly – Medium Difficulty – SIBROMA 219,997 points. Whoa! Note that ||KEARNSY|| was really close behind with 202,619 points.

The monthly leaderboards are going well with three weeks to GO!:

PDA Games, Ranked Match, GHOST OF TOM in the lead with 19,400 points

Super Soviet Missile Master, BIGMIX is leading with 9222 kilometers closely followed by MAXT3R with 7963 kilometers and T3H SILK with 6919 kilometers.

This weekend I started the molds for the Alien trophies, so hopefully we’ll have the first wax castings in a few days and the bronzes by the end of the month…

18 thoughts on “AH HD Bronze Trophy hunt is underway….”


    Achievements or Point cost pls. That way we know how much to save and what kinds of things we are gonna be doing in Castle Crashers

  2. yes, i want a trophie! i playing bery much in the comic-con of 2007 the demo of castle crashers! ยกยกยกyea!!!

  3. Hello there, I was wondering, my dad knows I’m doing this contest, and has allowed me to compete(Using his gamertag) Is there anything else I need to provide? (I’m 14)

  4. I just bough dead or alive xtreme 2 (yes the volleyball one) hopefully by the time I get all the achievements castle crashers will be out

  5. Hey Bigmix! Well, SSMM and PDA are monthly leaderboards, so you’ll need to stay on top for another 3 weeks to win the trophy. Hopefully we are going to beat the lifetime record of 17,000+ km, so keep checking back to see if your score has been surpassed.

  6. I’ll try, I’ve already been beat out though, so I’m still trying to stay at the top.(Those 30 Ninjas, you’re goin’ down!)

  7. 355 hours (average for people not using the cheat) until I give up on Castle crashers becuase seriously I play maybe 3 – 7 hours a day

  8. *sigh* i missed the competition? awww… i just got back on vacation and missed the royal gaurd comments ๐Ÿ™

  9. woot i made high score of the week! and no. 125 on the lifetime for ah hd on medium… what do i do now?

  10. Stay there until the end of the 3 weeks chicos 1, and you get a freakin’ sweet BRONZE trophy!

  11. I think I have a problem, Igota scor of 9,808, and not only did it not get me into first(Beating a score of around 9,600) but it didn’t even change on my own game.

    How can I fix this?

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