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Don’t forget to post your pumpkin carving and costumes before the 3rd of November in the fan art forum! There are already some awesome pics posted, but we are sure YOUR’S will be awesomely awesome! When we get some time later this month I will post the construction photos of the orange knight helm and… Read more »

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Update on the Title Update + Halloween Contests!

On Friday we sent the Title Update (TU) to Microsoft for testing and certification. From this point on we don’t have any control over the release of the TU, but it is really nice that we have launched into the next step. Thanks again to all of you who have provided constructive comments to find… Read more »

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Head on a Stick

Well, Dan and I were going to go get some exercise, but Kelly let us know that the 300,000th person was about to post to the leaderboards, so we figured it would be better to knock out a quick update instead. The title update is going well- we spent the weekend testing and testing and… Read more »

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