Update on the Title Update + Halloween Contests!

On Friday we sent the Title Update (TU) to Microsoft for testing and certification. From this point on we don’t have any control over the release of the TU, but it is really nice that we have launched into the next step. Thanks again to all of you who have provided constructive comments to find issues!!! Remember, Microsoft must test and certify the TU before they decide to upload it for you all to download. We have no control over when they will schedule to release the TU.

So to celebrate this momentousness, we are launching The Behemoth’s Halloween Costume and Pumpkin carving contest! Just post a photo of your Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, Behemoth, PDA Games, or Dad ‘N Me creation in our forums in the Fan Art section in the special stickied thread. On November 4th (election day) we will review the entries and select the top three winners. Judging will be based on originality, hilariousness and craftsmanship. Prizes include our new ultra cool Hoodie, NinjaPirate T shirt and other neat stuff from Japan and around the office. We look forward to seeing what you guys (and gals) come up with!

Also, for those of you who are still wondering about the Alien Hominid contests we’ve ran in the past, yes we will finally be sending out the trophies. The bronze alien trophies are coming out better now but we probably won’t have anything shipped before mid November because of the time it takes to cast them.

24 thoughts on “Update on the Title Update + Halloween Contests!”

  1. Yay! Hopefully its released in a month, if not sooner.
    i cant carve pumpkins or draw, so i cant draw a carved pumpkin, or carve a drawing on a pumpkin.

  2. Yeah I’m no good at the three dimensional craft.

    While CC is bound to get monotonous after getting all the characters and what not, I still remain a fan of it and all your work and the work to come. Feel free to tantalize us with whats to come!

  3. The Trophy’s look awesome! Will you be finishing up the blogs on how they were made or possibly a comprehensive guide?


  4. @sandmonkey Oh, snap! I fail! Didn’t realize the comment list was reversed @.@

    Doesn’t justify, “claiming first” still, but I admit I was wrong.

  5. yep, I took photos of the alien molding and casting, as well as the barbarian/knight helmet keychain process. Also have photos of Castle Crashers helmet building, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough time this week to get them into the blog. The final shipment of figurines (we’re out of stock) is due in Monday so we are prepping the pack out this week. And I thought things would slow down once we handed the TU off to MS!


  6. Aha, at last! more news on the TU πŸ˜€

    I haven’t done anything special for Halloween in years. I might consider entering something here though, The Behemoth games and characters are really inspiring πŸ˜‰

  7. @GR1FF1TH
    Thats the first time i said first and the only time, i just wanted to see how it feels,
    and i dont get what you apoligized for……………………………………………………
    any way at least i had some of it on topic.
    Wow, is this your first ever post πŸ˜›
    i never seen you before……………..
    Party pooper? lol…………………
    because i cant make super cool drawings or pumpkin sculptures.

  8. wow thats so sick and you guys shuld create like a line of costumes that culd be sold at stores have little alien hominids and castle crashers roaimng the streets with pumpkins

  9. I can’t wait I’ve gotten so many people to download Castle Crashers now!
    It’s great to see you guys are moving on to the next phase.

    Good Luck,
    Best Wishes.

  10. they just submitted the update to microsoft, so lets see, it should be available to download in about april. by then no one will be playing. hopefully the money i spent on this game gets put to good use and plants a tree or something.

  11. @ sibroma – first off we need to get the TU off our plate, then we’ll start on the backlog of trophies from this summer + the prizes for the halloween contest. Thanks for your patience!!!

  12. Hopefully a suit gets filed soon over xboxes way they rip people off by not refunding points on games that dont even work like this, and I really hope after they lose their suit this is one of the companies microsoft goes after to recover lost revenue.

  13. I know it\’s now on microsoft\’s hand, etc etc But seriously, december and they haven\’t tested enough a TU that corrects a tremendous bug as this one? this is really annoying.

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