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Storytime with BattleBlock Theater

Greetings!  I bring news of BattleBlock Theater, mysterious and exciting new screenshots of our cinematics, and upcoming Tradeshow information! In past tradeshows we’ve shown BattleBlock Theater’s Arena modes and Arena modes ONLY,  all while having parts of this really cool Story mode. We weren’t positive whether Story mode would be ideal at a tradeshow because… Read more »

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a date, a confession, and toys

A Date On November 25th, while Americans are passed out in tryptophan comas,  Castle Crashers will arrive on  the PlayStation Network in JAPAN, thus completing our world domination of PS3s!  Its been a long road, but Castle Crashers is now available on both XBLA and PSN WORLDWIDE.  On this day, over 2.2 Million players have… Read more »

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Rock our Blocks Off!

Attention all Behemoth enthusiasts/musicianists, We’ve been talking a lot about Castle as we’ve been working to get the game released world wide for PSN.  Behind the scenes (get it?) we’ve been simultaneously (and at the same time) continuing our work  on BattleBlock Theater.  We’ve got a lot of cool new stuff to tell you about!  But for… Read more »

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