Throwing your friends, and prisoner #10321

We have a new video this week featuring prisoner #10321!  Bonus points to anyone spotting the new improved foliage!  Today’s video tells a bit more of a story while featuring the mighty THROW move.

This move was originally intended to promote cooperation.  It does this job very well!  However, like many great things, the throw can be used for treachery.  When you and your cohort are running along and one of you decides to strike the throw pose – whoever’s following the other will be thrown as soon as contact is made.  If someone’s not ready for being thrown a whole slew of things can happen!  For instance — throwing your friend into this predicament:

There’s a finer detail to throwing.  If the thrower is facing the throwee, the distance will not be as great.  If the thrower is facing away from the throwee, they will be sent much farther!  A small yet crucial detail while stomping around on dangerous blocks!  You’ll be able to help your friend reach the unreachable!  You’ll both collect more gems, more yarn, more trust, and have more adventure!

But wait, there’s more!  Let’s discuss the throw in combat situations, since you’re going to be in this situation and all.  Facing your opponent and not facing your opponent can be the dealbreaker!  You cannot be slide tackled while facing your opponent and striking your throw pose.  Yep, they’ll go right over your shoulder into whatever danger they wanted you to experience instead.

When executed properly this can lead to splendid, splendid karma.   Oh… you wanted to slide tackle me into spikes?  Think again, SIRE!

Karma is a supporting character throughout BattleBlock Theater.  With the throw move, you’ll probably meet karma many, many times.  But don’t take my word for it!   Just take a look at how prisoners #10321 and #10293 get along…  I’m going to go with the whole monocle/depth perception debate on that one.



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