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Selecting BattleBlock Theater Beta Testers

We’ve started selecting the beta testers for the BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta! Selected registrants will be notified via e-mail in waves—BIG, crashing waves—and not all at once so don’t fret if you haven’t received anything yet! It will take some time to go through all the applications and it’s better to start early. If you… Read more »

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What’s in the BattleBlock Theater Beta?

The BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta will be here sooner than we think. We’re still locking down all the details, including the beta testing dates, but we do have an exciting update to share! In addition to story levels and the level editor, we’ll be giving Beta Testers access to all the arena modes! The Beta… Read more »

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Next BBT Beta Contest: XBLA Fans

This week, you’ll get to test your Castle Crashers knowledge  for a chance to win a spot in the BattleBlock Theater Closed Beta. Each day from February 5th until February 11th, XBLA Fans will be posting up one character or item from Castle Crashers. There’s a catch to these images! They’ll be distorted in some… Read more »

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