I’m on a BOAT! Um, WE’RE on a boat?

Prisoner #10308 likes the smell of the sea breeze but not when it ruins a good hair day. See his fancy sailor hat? It combines fashion and function.

He’s always experiencing a love-hate relationship with the sea. Maybe not the sea, but the situations he finds himself in when he’s out sailing. You’ll quickly find that the boats in the game will either be your best friend or your path to extinction.

If you’re playing the game to win by treating your fellow player like an equal, you’ll get farther. Think of it as a trust exercise–the more trust you have in each other will help you finish levels, and ultimately the campaign.

And if you prefer griefing, you can get frustrated with your fellow player or play along and laugh it off. That’ll bond you two in a different way. Maybe you’ll discover new ways of accomplishing things together?


How to drive a boat in BattleBlock Theater:

1. Both players cooperate and drive the boat in one direction. This will speed up the course in which you’re traveling.

2. If you both choose separate directions, the boat will remain dead in the water, along with your chances of completion.

Sailing...together is always fun!


Oh, before I forget mate, here’s a throwback to the Alien Hominid Mini-Game. We’ve implemented the boat and renovated it for your satisfaction in BattleBlock Theater.


Do you really want to leave your friend behind? What if you were in his shoes?

Think about it…I mean *really* think about it. Together, you can do so much! Check out the Sailorman-looking guy, Prisoner #10308‘s spotlight of the week!


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