Hello Flying Kitty!

This week features the gift of flight–WINGS, and Prisoner #10298 from BattleBlock Theater.

If asked “which domesticated animal would be the cutest to give wings to,” what would your answer be? Ours would be a kitty. Yeah, yeah we know that you’ve learned that cats in BattleBlock Theater are evil and unforgiving. But not this one.

Kitty just wants to play.

Like a normal kitty, one of its daily activities is scheming–I mean, dreaming. What DO they dream about? Being free to do whatever they want (as if they didn’t already), but they’d like to catch birds if they could. They dream of flight.

Prisoner #10298 is not free, but Kitty has wings.

Check out those flappers! The best feature these wings will give you when you use them is the precision. Attach securely, then they’ll allow you to control how and when you flap your new wings! Flap faster to get away from enemies, float for a zen state of mind or soar through the clouds to get your shiny gems and balls of yarn!

This kitty likes to be chased, and is actually a pretty cooperative soul.

Unless faced in the throes of death. There is no explanation as to why Kitty’s favorite weapon is the grenade. Maybe when kitties get too close to people they experience claustrophobia? Therefore, the answer would be to stand at a safe distance, throw a grenade and fly away! Smart kitty.

Check out Prisoner #10298 in flight already!


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  1. Wow! I’m impressed! 2 updates in 5 days AND the video was fantastic for this one! Keep up the great work guys!

  2. Um, hi, i just wanted to ask the behemoth blog, will there be any chance of the PS3 verson coming out alongside the X-box version?

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