Pit People Update 4 – Coming June 22nd

PIT PEOPLE UPDATE 4: VIBRANT VILLAINS is wrapping up development now. The Pit People Update will release on both Xbox One Game Preview and Steam Early Access on June 22, 2017!

This update has taken us longer than previous updates due to the amount of content Update 4 will include. We have been working on the next part of the story along with a whole new world map that will have 15 new side missions. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve got two new series of side quests in the City, each with multiple parts to the quests!

With everything combined, Pit People players can expect at least another 5 hours of gameplay in Update 4!

We’ve also got additional improvements: The House will have custom gear buttons for the creatures, the Marquette will display how many items you already have for any items being sold, the ability to choose to allow/disallow Auto-battlers from your PVP session, and more! (See the full change list below)

Live Streaming June 19th – 4:00PM to 5:30PM PST

Before we release Update 4, we’ll be giving a sneak peek of the changes we’ve made in the game and the decisions behind those improvements.

Part of the stream will showcase one of our new World Map missions and we’ll also do a task from Emperor’s Orders (which came out in Update 3) — We aren’t going to be showing story, so no need to worry about seeing big spoilers!

Our co-founder & art director, Dan Paladin, will be hosting the live stream on the Behemoth’s Twitch channel and we’re going to do simultaneous broadcasts on Mixer and Facebook Live for the first time!


Full Change List

Story is our main focus in Pit People Update 4: Vibrant Villains, but we also have other additional content and improvements throughout.

Below are the changes you’ll find within Update 4: Vibrant Villains! (Items apply to both Steam and Xbox One unless otherwise specified.)

Major content:

  • Two new Story Quests added. Pick up where you left off!
  • One new Worldmap (that holds 15 new Bonus Missions) added
  • Two new multi-part Side Quests available from the City Gate

Quality of life changes:

  • More varied worldmap teams
  • More varied (and slightly tweaked) Unfair Challenge/PVP levels
  • Creature types each have custom clickable locations in the House Paperdoll menu
  • Mr. Whispers’ location now shows on your Survival Guide map
  • The Marquette now displays how many of an item each player owns
  • Added a new Daily Task that can be completed alone
  • No more needing to remove items! Items can be equipped on fighters that were previously being occupied on other fighters. This will strip the previous fighter of the item being applied to the new fighter in order to allow the change
  • Daily Rewards prompt can be turned off in options
  • ‘Always Allow Comm Icon’ has been moved to ‘Gameplay Settings’ rather than ‘Online Settings’
  • New Items added
  • New fighter names added

PVP changes:

  • Auto-Battler can now be allowed/disallowed from PVP sessions via the Space Phone. Players will not find each other if they each have the opposite setting
  • Button prompt added in PVP Lobby to invite players
  • Players who have been muted are now remembered to be muted (until you choose to un-mute them)
  • PVP battles now yield loot for 6 fights every 24 hours (Pit Points are left unchanged from Update 3)
  • Expanded search (AKA global search) is on by default. Old profiles will still have this off by default. You can change this from our Online Settings Options within the game


  • Insane mode is significantly more insane
  • Rare names are significantly more rare
  • Balance changes to Electrobots, Pixies, Gnomes, Crispotron, Flattener, Fatal Fryer, Basic Board, Boom Broom, Clunky, Incorrect, Croquet, The Belt, Double Uzi, Curveball
  • Functional changes: Gnome wrench throw reduced by 1 range, Gnome fling is now 100% accurate, Crispotron can now potentially light the ground on fire
  • Unfair Challenge only yields loot for 6 successful fights every 24 hours (Pit Points and XP are left unchanged from Update 3)


  • Some bugs related to the icons and percentages shown for equipment in the house have been fixed
  • There is now an Emperor’s order to kill fighters of specific types
  • Troll minis and snakes now plan more quickly
  • Replay names are friendlier now
  • There is now an option to reset various settings to default values
  • Some bugs related to text chat scrolling have been fixed
  • Audio problems that occurred with too many instances of one sound have been fixed
  • Italics and bold text have been added
  • Players are now informed when they reach the maximum number of fighters
  • A bug that prevented an online session from being joined after leaving a prior session has been fixed
  • A bug that caused half-slot fighters to appear to level up incorrectly was fixed
  • In a single-player game, the wagon driver can now move the aiming cursor with the right analog stick
  • A bug that caused gnomes to fail to attack multi-hex targets in some cases has been fixed
  • Tooltips have been added to the settings menu
  • Steam: The Steam controller is now supported natively
  • Steam: In battle, fighters can be selected with the left mouse button and given an order with the right mouse button
  • Steam: On the world map, clicking on a hex will cause the wagon to move toward that hex
  • Xbox One: Guest users now receive the correct items when picking up items on the world map