Announcing Castle Crashers Remastered

Edit: Read more about CC Remastered in this post by Dan Paladin.

This morning, Microsoft made several exciting announcements at the Xbox One briefing at E3–including news on our very own Game 4 & Castle Crashers Remastered!
Castle Crashers Remastered will feature the following:
– 5x increase in texture sizes!
– Uncapped framerate — 60fps
– Various performance updates and improvements to gameplay and online multiplayer
– New mini game: Back Off Barbarian


Back Off Barbarian
Jump. Dart. Move and groove to the music. Whatever you do, just stay away from the enemies!
Back Off Barbarian is a simple but addicting mini-game where players move quickly using the D-Pad to avoid the enemies. As time passes, more enemies are added into the level and the players will find it harder to get around in the environment. Up to 4 players can be supported online or offline. Back Off Barbarian will only be available on the Remastered edition of Castle Crashers.
Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One is currently in development and is expected to release later this summer! More info to come.
Note: Steam users will also get a chance to experience the remastered version in the future. The development of the Steam update will begin later this year.


15 thoughts on “Announcing Castle Crashers Remastered”

  1. Is this an update to the existing game or it will come separately?
    Will it be available for PC/Steam as well? If yes – in what form? DLC? Update?

  2. No ps4 release means i wont be able to play it garrrrrggghhhh!!!!

    just drop some kind of hint that it is a timed exclusive so i dont go crazy.


    and thank you

  3. Thanks Behemoth for doing this. I’m very excited to see this!
    – This post is coming from a playstation user

  4. Would we be able to transfer saved data on Steam? Since the original Castle Crashers and the remastered version are both going to be on the same platform, that would be very convenient for Steam players.

  5. Will the remastered version include all the dlc characters or will we again need to purchase all the packs?
    Also will there be a few new animals orbs or weapons or characters?
    I can’t wait!!!!

  6. Every staff on the behemoth ever, this goes out to you.

    I bought Castle Crashers about 3 weeks ago. I’m not going to go out and buy Castle Crashers remastered, so please, just make it a DLC, but it would still be compatible with the people who don’t have the DLC.

  7. why no ps4 edition ? where there is over 22 millions sold user base … sad i won’t play this remaster a while it seems :/

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