Two prisoner unlocks & two co-op playlists

We won’t deny it. BattleBlock Theater has some flat characters! (But they’ve got plenty of personality.) This week, you’ll be able to get a couple of our flattest prisoners: Steam Roll Victim #1 and Toast.

Here’s how: Launch the full version of BattleBlock Theater on Steam or XBLA and head towards an online area. Steam Roll Victim #1 should unlock and go straight to your collection of star prisoners.
Toast will require a little more commitment on your part to unlock. Play either the Solo or Co-Op playlist in Furbottom’s Features. Once you’ve completed the full playlist of levels, then this prisoner will unlock as your reward!
Check out the two co-op playlists that we just featured this week in Furbottom’s Features:
Featured Co-Op Playlist for XBLA:
Crash Cup Coop by RBSfreekill
Difficulty Rating: Expert
Featured Co-Op Playlist for Steam:
BoomerLands by Syntaxx
Difficulty Rating: Expert



Our definition of “Expert”: Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode!
*A special note regarding Prisoner unlocks: Remember you can complete either Story mode Furbottom’s Feature to unlock this week’s featured Prisoner. If the Co-Op Feature is too hard, try Solo and vice versa! You can even recomplete current Feature’s you have already played!


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    • It’s true, the Co-op playlist got ridiculous in those last few stages. I ended up just going back and completing the Solo playlist to get Toast. It was far more enjoyable 😎

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