Submit Playlists by August 15th!


We’ve got five more days to go before we close the BattleBlock Theater Arena Playlist Creation Contest! Have you submitted your playlist for the contest yet? Here’s a break down of all the details you’ll need:

Anyone 13 or older can submit their original XBLA or Steam Arena Mode playlists for consideration. We’re accepting playlist submissions until August 15th.
The very best playlists for each platform (as decided by our panel of judges) will be awarded grand prizes or honorable mentions.
The grand prize will be some awesome BattleBlock Theater merchandise signed by our Level Designers, as well as immediate and exciting recognition as an Arena Mode Feature in-game. Honorable mentions will also receive incredible BattleBlock Theater merchandise, and consideration for future Features.
There will be one grand prize per platform (so that’s two total — one for XBLA and one for Steam), as well as two additional honorable mentions per platform.
To read all the important info and to register your Arena playlist, go HERE. Good luck!

3 thoughts on “Submit Playlists by August 15th!”

  1. last a month making an awsome playlist and i was going to submit today august 15 and you guys close it im really angry cause i spend entire days doing this instead of doing something useful and you close it all im trayng to tell is that i hope you all die of aids and burn in hell XD im just kidding thats to little suffer for all of you.

    • I also spent all day working on my playlist and then you just closed it! you said the deadline was August 15th, and it is still August 15!!! Now I’m considering NOT getting Battleblock theater for my laptop, witch I was going to do today or tomorrow. also I stayed up late to finish this, because you said the deadline was August 15th, so I wasted time that I could have spent sleeping! 🙁 But BBT is still awesome 🙂

    • Hi LOL115 and Sunshroom18. Our Terms and Conditions states that the contest ends on August 15th at 3PM PST. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to reopen the contest registration form, but we hope that you’ll still upload your playlist since you worked so hard on it. There’s still a chance it could get featured in the future!

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