Gerard and Paul in BattleBlock Theater

What has five eyes and lives in a theater filled with cats? Gerard and Paul! Two prisoner unlocks this week in BattleBlock Theater for both our Steam and XBLA players.



How to unlock Gerard: Play through the Furbottoms Features (must go through the Furbottoms Features menu!) and complete all levels. Once you’ve completed the entire solo or cooperative Furbottoms Features playlist, this special prisoner will be added to your entourage of theater friends.


How to unlock Paul: Once you load up the game, head towards an online area in the game. Opening up an online game will trigger this special unlock!


Since it’s Friday, we’ve also updated the Furbottoms Features to include a new featured Co-Op playlist! In XBLA, we’re bringing back “How to Play BBT” by Define Funny–another one of our Greatest Hits. In the Steam version, we’ve highlighted a new user made co-op playlist called “Friendly Forest” by KLJF22.


We’re always looking for awesome playlists made by the community so warm up your level editors and have fun building once you’re done playing the current Features!


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  1. yeah just finished it then with a random, some frustrating parts during the time trial but other than that pretty smooth sailing, good set of levels i thought

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