Furbottoms Features + Prisoner Unlocks for May 16

Welcome to the first week of Furbottoms Features, with both XBLA and Steam versions of BattleBlock Theater!


This week in BBT Steam, we have our Behemoth made playlists up in the Furbottoms Features section of the game. We’ll be keeping up this playlist for a bit since we just launched the Steam version yesterday! Woohoo!


In BBT XBLA, we updated the Furbottom’s Features with another encore: The Grimporeum by Cmoneyno23.


For both XBLA and Steam editions of BattleBlock Theater, you’ll be able to unlock the Behemoth Chicken when you complete either the solo or co-op playlists in Furbottom’s Features.


AND there’s more! Just for logging in to the full version of the game, you’ll be able to unlock Duckshark if you don’t have it already. Limited time only!


Happy playing, BattleBlock Theater fans!


2 thoughts on “Furbottoms Features + Prisoner Unlocks for May 16”

  1. Its really cool that your doing this for both versions. I hope you guys can keep up with both platforms.

  2. Just got my chicken! Must say, I tuned out until it was on something other than x-box and now that I have it, it has exceeded my expectations.
    It is awesome that you are doing the rare prisoner thing. Can’t wait to see who pops up to rescue!

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