PAX East 2014 Recap – Pics & Game Announcements


Now that our multiple cats are out of the bag (meow), we wanted to do a big recap of our events at PAX East 2014 and the updates we brought with us to the show. Here’s the who, what, where, when, how much, etc., of the Behemoth PAX East booth and announcements in recent PAX news:

Overall new stuff at our booth

We changed the look and layout of a few things at our booth this year. The comfy grass beneath your feet, new vinyl stickers on our newest arcade cabinets, the new screens above the gift shop–all new additions to our PAX East experience. We’ve got tons of pictures to show you! Feast your pupils on these photo sets and learn stuff about our booth:

Pre-PAX pics | Day 1 pics | Day 2 pics | Day 3 pics


BMTH-067_PAX_EAST_TSHIRTGame 4 teaser

You’ve probably seen it out on the interwebs by now, but here’s our Game 4 t-shirt:


Game 4 is a working title, like Game 3 was before it later became BattleBlock Theater. We’re developing Game 4 for Xbox One! Woot! You’ll be able to find out more misinformation throughout the year at RTX, San Diego Comic-Con, and PAX Prime!

BattleBlock Theater Steam


After two weeks of rigorous beta testing, we’ve determined that we are in fact developing a game! In true Behemoth fashion we have no current release date, BUT…we know the price. $14.99 US Dollars! Did we mention we’ll be coming to Steam for Windows first, with Linux later this year? Not yet? Well there it is! Lots to celebrate and look forward to.


Asteroid Base game, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, takes plenty of awards

If you didn’t get a chance to stop by the Indie Megabooth to visit Asteroid Base and play Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, then you’re silly–but we still love you…maybe. Asteroid Base is our most recent recipient of Gold Egg Project, and all around awesome people. Their in-development game took several awards at PAX East 2014!

13797450514_47c9b787da_zTom Fulp and Will Stamper
Autograph Sessions


We originally posted signing times for Friday and Saturday, but the boys decided to do an extra signing on Sunday for the fans! There were plenty of hilarious messages and drawings on people’s Behemoth gear. For one of the days, Will drew worry lines on the game characters on posters and boxes each time. “Look. He’s worried.” Other days, the two would take photos and spread the love.


All in all, a good time with the fans at Booth 512.



We’ll be building upon our booth for the upcoming shows this year as well, and we’ll update you as we go. What did you think of the new look of our booth at PAX East? Any thoughts on our recent announcements this PAX? Leave us a comment below!


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