PAX East 2014 – The hours leading up to the show

It always starts out like this in a convention center:



Then we add in the basics: steal, blue stuff, monitors.




Before you know it, we’ve got a full on booth equipped with arcade cabinets featuring all our titles (BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, and Alien Hominid HD), a fully stocked gift shop with your favorite tees and figurines, and some special capsule machines we call the Chonku Chonku machines (they contain Pinny Arcade Pins!). Such treasures to be found all at Booth 512!




Just before the doors opened to the public this morning, we transformed the booth to a small “cafe” for the Press Hour. Media were invited and they stopped by for their morning coffee, treats, and Behemoth news. Keep your eyes out for any “Easter eggs” or nuggets of new info about our upcoming projects!


To see more pictures of set up and the Press Breakfast, click HERE.


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