Our BattleBlock Theater Beta Begins on Steam

SteamTrailerGuyThe BattleBlock Theater Steam Beta begins today!
We’re excited to have so many people be a part of this journey to bring BBT onto PC. Our selected Beta Testers should receive their Beta keys in their inboxes (please be patient as there are thousands of emails that need to go out) and Testers will start off by doing free-play tonight. Then we’ll all work together to check different areas each day by playing a specific online section at suggested times. Our development team organized these group playthroughs with the Beta Testers so we could maximize the week-long Beta.
It’s an awesome opportunity to allow Steam users to play through our game first before it hits the store and this helps our team by giving us a more real-world test environment. We’re so grateful to all the Beta Testers for volunteering their time and hope that they enjoy this special early preview of the Steam version of BattleBlock Theater. Now, without further ado, BETA GO!


25 thoughts on “Our BattleBlock Theater Beta Begins on Steam”

  1. The Behemoth will it anti hacker its annoying how people get all of the star heads and get invincible I’m just asking

    • the behemoth can you plz do some thing about this like half of the beta testers did this they used that cheat engine thingy

  2. Thank you so much The Behemoth,i received the beta key for BattleBlock Theater.I’ve always wanted to be a beta tester,but now you guys fulfilled my dream.Thanks,you guys are the best!

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