58 thoughts on “Killer Beekeeper”

  1. im sad now…. my score got dominated…. can people hack ah hd cuz it seems impossible to get over 100,000 on the game on medium. plz comment response

  2. i think anyone who gets those trophies has no life and has only played AH for the last year and a half

  3. kinda looks more like a cricket bat to me, but I could be wrong and it is a baseball bat.

    IDEA! Make 2 small progress bars on the bottom of your homepage (those bars that show a percentage without numbers) for progress in debugging and for progress in certificating. People would get a kick out of it and check it often, like me! πŸ˜€

  4. .says lol u exploited teh truth! alien is a charactor! nice sluething! dan paladin will you be at E3?

  5. yeah but we don’t have a release date yet, so it’s pretty difficult to give one out…. i can make one up though? let me know if that works.

  6. I can understand no have a release date yet, but why must you continue to taunt us with all that awesome. Seriously, everyone makes fun of me when I say how much I’m looking forward to the game. Instead of a date, could we get a release month?

  7. I think Emil is trying to say that there are factors about the release he cannot control. Or if there is a release date, he can’t tell us about it because there an announcement at some large event.

  8. I personally think that with last years e3 announcement being doom that this year will be duke nukem forever.

  9. Great character… Is this game really going to still be 800 microsoft points, I just don’t believe it anymore since theres so much, which sort of will stink cuz I am broke and have 820 microsoft points left which are being saved for this game so PLEASE kick microsofts butt if they make it a higher price!!!

  10. Good thing I didn’t like Penny Arcade to begin with, or man I’d be out a lot of dough on a weak game.

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