58 thoughts on “Killer Beekeeper”

  1. Long time no update, eh? I hope you show us some other stuff before release. Hopefully theres a pirate character, everyone loves Pirates! 😛

    Oh and the new Hominid is so cute, cant wait to play with him. I’ve already stocked up my Microsoft points.

  2. you are crazy maeckes i dont like the pirates and !!!is the medieval age in this age
    the pirates dont exit!!! ¡du!

    ¡¡¡i hate the pirates!!!

  3. Wow, that\\\’s all i can say, Ive always wanted to make a game like castle crashers, thing is i can\\\’t ever seem to round up a good team of people to help me make the game, none of my friends are good at making games they just play them…but seriously the second castle crashers is out i am so getting it!

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