58 thoughts on “Killer Beekeeper”

  1. I’d give you guys a pat on the back for making this awsome character…. But I’m on the Internet so it doesn’t work so well…

  2. AWESOME! Now the guy on the top of the Site page makes sense! The banner has like some kind of boss killer bee keeper

  3. i think that is a normal killer bee keeper but eat a chicken
    you dont look the video of castle crashers versus modes in youtube
    look and you found that in a part the knights eat chickens and make big!

  4. Splendidly Creative, I just soiled myself but not really.
    Please tell me you have at least one cyclopic character…
    I think of something everytime you guys crank out a new one

  5. Wow that can BEE one of the best characters so far! How COMB you haven’t released him
    sooner?! That STINGS Dan! .Says be patient, your starting to BUG me! Just wait until they blog it, they won’t tell on comments! w00t Xbox HIVE Exclusive!
    Dev’s tell me what you think about that series of puns ;D

  6. Incoming pun

    Castle crashers is what all the buzz. (sandmonkey took all the good ones…)

    that is all, see you all next update V:

  7. This guy appeals to the POLLEN-ation of Castle Crasher fans, which is SWEET (because honey is sweet, get it?)
    but ya, i say the life-time current leader for SSMM has a LOT of spare time just by looking at his gamer score. It’s atrociously massive compared to my 2300+ O.o

  8. You guys are dry after those little puns?
    Looks like the castle crasher have gotten themselves into a STICKY situation
    Stop BUMBLING around and give us the game!
    How they trained bee’s to attack is none of my BEESWAX.
    Castle Crashers is the BEE’S KNEES!

  9. LOL @ microsofts rude email about game certification. They probably think I’m some sony employee.

  10. I bet that armor gets hot, or at least a little SWARM. (Thats a knee slapper)
    seriously though, the PUNishers need to BUZZ off. I mean do we really need all this unwanted…shit? (I couldn’t think of a follow up)

    God save the queen. bee.

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