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Drop it like it’s hot, Ninja-style

We present to you, Ninja. Besides looking (and being) tough, hiding under his black mask that adds to his mysteriousness, he can actually be a nice guy when he wants to be. Oh, and he’s a fast runner too. See how he calmly stands still while the chain of blocks he set off combusts ever… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater – Prologue

Underneath all of the deranged theater cats, captured prisoners, and gladiatorial mayhem, there is a story about betrayal. Not just any specific kind of betrayal, but one that involves a freaky top hat that controls your actions , and forces you to capture your best friend. To celebrate the start of Comic-Con today we have for you… Read more »

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Throwing your friends, and prisoner #10321

We have a new video this week featuring prisoner #10321!  Bonus points to anyone spotting the new improved foliage!  Today’s video tells a bit more of a story while featuring the mighty THROW move. This move was originally intended to promote cooperation.  It does this job very well!  However, like many great things, the throw… Read more »

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