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The Eye of the Cyclops

CITIZENS OF BEHEMOTHTOWN, We’ve got a pair of eyes for you in this week’s Prisoner Update. Prisoners #10312 and #10329 give a perfect example of how BattleBlock Theater is meant to be played, and we’ll tell you why. We selected this video to show the fans who have never experienced the demo at the tradeshows or… Read more »

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The Hot Potato Games

We know it’s been awhile since the last BattleBlock Theater Prisoner Video update. Hope you like this week’s (And every week before and after that)! Here is Prisoner #10304. A severely calculated being. Our friend here always seems ready to go, and on their toes. What’s going to stop them? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Not even GRENADES…. Read more »

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For Tar, I will walljump forever long

Have you ever loved something so much you were inspired to write a poem about it? Prisoner #10326 might be related to Shakespeare in some way because of his fancy mustache! This is a revelation that the roots of greatness lie in hair follicles! Or maybe that it sends telepathic messages to the pen and… Read more »

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