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BattleBlock Theater (Beta): User Created Levels

Ah, yes… the BattleBlock Community Theater. Even after 3 years of playwriting levels, how those Beta builders still managed to surprise me! And kill me. And then surprise me again! Whether I was flung through explosions into rooms made out of teleporters or flung through teleporters into rooms made out of explosions, the experience was… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater Beta Ends March 10th

This weekend will be the end of the BattleBlock Theater Beta on March 10th, 9PM PST! We’ll be ending it with a big online “party” with our Play with the Devs event to close the Beta! This is an exclusive event for our Beta Testers only as a thank you and the invite even came with… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater Quotes

It’s been a full week of BattleBlock Theater Beta testing and things are running smoothly. Our Beta Testers have been so awesome to do the scheduled tasks on time, fill out the surveys and also post any issues on the private Beta Forums! This whole process has been a huge help. While it hasn’t all… Read more »

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