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How to get Featured on BattleBlock Theater

You’ve played Furbottom’s Features in BattleBlock Theater and now you want to create your own levels for the world to see. Perfect! The hours you’ll toil away at making a fantastic playlist will not go unseen. Currently, Furbottom’s Features showcases our level designer’s playlist, but future Furbottom’s Features will include user playlists! The best of… Read more »

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Raptr Q&A with The Behemoth (4/11/2013)

>>Edit: Direct link to the Q&A can now be found HERE.<< This week we’ll be chatting with the Raptr community about all of our games. During the Q&A, we’ll be answering your clever and creative questions while the Raptr team will be selecting their favorite questions to send a prize to! Of course, we’ll do some… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater Now Out on XBLA

Hello friends, I write to you today to let you know we’ve made you something.  It took us a little over 4 years but it’s finally here.  That’s the most time we’ve put into something, and I think it shows!  It is my overwhelming pleasure to announce BattleBlock Theater‘s release. What was once an idea… Read more »

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