A momentous performance in our Monster Playlists!

This is not your mommy’s playlists – this is for the rage in “outrageous”, the ouch in “ouch-this-hurts”. Think hard, play quick, and don’t give up. You’ll be rewarded with The Monster! (And as an added bonus, get King this week!)

Fat Kid rolls in to BBT

Our friend, Fat Kid, wants to come out and play. It’s time to take him around BattleBlock Theater and give him a chance to run (from raccoons!) and jump (over buzzsaws!). Plus play the best of the best Arena playlists!

Shippy McShippington’s Holiday Deadlines

Our online store is open 24/7, but the shipping options are not. To stay ahead of the game, here are some dates to keep in mind if you want to get packages to you by a specific day.