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PAX 2008

Our Journey into the heart of Seattle to tackle the beast known as PAX 2008. A collection of pictures that loosely walks you through our trip to Seattle for the annual Penny-Arcade Expo! Read on to see all three days as documented by our very own “crappy cam version 2”. This year PAX was more… Read more »

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Comic-Con Prep

In just under 6 days we will be exhibiting in our 6th year at the San Diego Comic-Con. Every year we go crazy for a few months planning out our booth design, merchandising, signs, signs, signs, competitions, signs, and just about everything else that goes in getting a booth up and running for a trade… Read more »

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We’ve been getting some emails about our schedule for Wonder-Con this year. Here is the rundown for the dates, times, booth number for the show: 7Booth #539 Friday, February 22nd Saturday, February 23rd Sunday, February 24th We will be bringing with us the latest version of Castle Crashers, some merchandise, and if we can some… Read more »

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