Tokyo Game Show!

Even though we just got back from PAX Prime, our tradeshow stops are not over. A couple members of the dev team: John, Ian and Kirit will be representing The Behemoth at Tokyo Game Show!

With last year’s record breaking attendance of 207,647–surpassing both PAX Prime and East combined, it’ll be the only place where we’ll have BattleBlock Theater demos on international waters for play! We’ll have the latest build running of our story mode on flat screens with a seating area reserved for players. Top screens will run game play so that attendees who are too shy to try, can watch and be captivated to free Hatty Hattington from doom.

For those going to Tokyo Game Show for the first time and are looking to buy merchandise, the layout is quite different than other trade shows. We’ll have our booth with BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers and our newest addition, Chonku-Chonku Machines! Three of them to be exact. There will be a separate “Sales Area” where we’ll be able to sell Behemoth items.

Photo by RedFive99, on Flickr.

A month from now, we’ll be holding a booth at the San Diego Asian Film Festival, on the 22nd and 23rd of October. If you’re into great independent foreign films, check out for more info!

Now sit back & relax, but expect a post with updates from TGS soon!!


<3, Christine

PAX PRIME ’11 Preparation & Updates!

The Behemoth team will be headed up to Seattle for our 6th appearance at PAX Prime rockin’ Booth #3003, and our BIGGEST booth to date. We’ll be showing the latest build of BattleBlock Theater and a surprise iOS game demo!

Look out for these PAX Exclusives!

Chonku-Chonku Machine

You like surprises, right? We brought an authentic Japanese toy vending machine to PAX, filled with collectible mini Castle Crashers Knight figurines!

Why do we call it that? It’s our onomatopoeia. To us, that’s the sound it makes when the toy dispenses. You can make up your own!

To complete your wacky experience, follow these steps:

1) Obtain 500 yen from our booth (the toy costs $6 U.S.)
2) Feed the Chonku-Chonku machine by inserting money
3) Turn the knob
4) Squeal in joy as a capsule with your new mini Knight drops in your hand!

There are six mini figurines in this set.
It is a “blind-box” purchase, you may not get the color you want! But you can trade with other people, just like in BattleBlock Theater!

If you don’t want to use the machine, you can head up to our merch table and purchase one! (Blind-box rule still applies)

These Knights will fight for their dignity, their freedom and your love!

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