Stay See Us at Comic-Con 2020!

That’s a weird-sounding headline, but it’s a true one! Comic-Con@Home is kicking off, and you’re invited to drop by our virtual booth!

The show runs from Wednesday, July 22nd through Sunday, July 26th and is loaded with virtual panels, challenges to participate in, artists to see, online booths to visit, and more!

You can find us at internet booth 329, which puts us all the way on the right side of the map down by exhibit hall A. (Which is where our booth normally is in real life too! Cool, huh?)

Wowie! This map sure is tiny, but you can click to see it more clearly (with some other cool details) on the Comic-Con website.

We’ll have some goodies up for sale, so if you get your Behemoth merch fix at Comic-Con each year, you still can! Plus, we’re offering a lil’ something extra — if you decide to purchase merch, you can use code SWEATPANTS2020 for 20% off your whole order! This will run through the show dates of July 22nd to July 26th, midnight to midnight, and will work for anyone who’s doing online shopping with us, regardless of whether they go through the Comic-Con@Home booth. You can find our online store riiiiiight here.

We’ll see ya there! Well, not really, but y’know. We’ll see ya here!

Aliens Invaded PAX East: A Super Scientific Report

By now, you probably definitely know that we brought Alien Hominid Invasion to PAX East last month — and it was the first time that our fans EVER got to play it.

As they say, there’s nothing like the first time, so we decided to take some stats from the first time so we could be super analytical (and maybe also make fun of some of you, but only a little).

This first round of invaders didn’t do too bad — in the 167 hours played over the weekend, the Aliens were able to take out 159,137 enemies while only losing 1,402 of their own. Agents were still able to save about 23% of all City Blocks, though, and when it came to Megabot… yeesh. Megabot definitely held it’s own with a solid 41% win rate against the Aliens.

Overall, we’d say that PAX East attendees showed us a decent performance, and with a 94.2% thumbs up rating, we feel pretty confident in saying we did the same for you.

Except for the one Alien that died to the Jetpack Pusher… we might need to have a talk with you.

We’ve still got work to do on the game, as this demo was just a little bitty taste of everything that Alien Hominid Invasion has to offer. But having real live test subjects players try out the game was an awesome experience, and we can’t wait to keep making improvements based off of what we learned at the show! 🛸