Tournament Victories, Pink Knights, and Missiles.

Dear Behemothtown,

Three very exciting things this week!

#1. Over the weekend, on Feb 5th, we hosted the first ever Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions on XBLA! With several hours of ferocious battles we discovered who are the very best Castle Crashers Arena fighters in the world!  Our top 3 finalists, winning the exciting grand prizes are:

FIRST PLACE: Imperfect Luck
Second Place: Wootywootman
Third Place: RsL Warsteel

Congratulations to all our competitors. We were truly impressed with the level of skill you showed, as well as the awesome sportsmanlike attitude everyone brought to the tournament. Everyone who competed, and everyone in the Qualifying top 100 will get a prize. Keep an eye on your email for details.  [PSN players… we’re gonna do something similar for you too. Waiting for you to hit a certain milestone.. ;)]

Missed the action? Here is a video showing some of the exciting moments from the tournament:

#2Pink Knight is now available on PSN!! Remember all The Behemoth proceeds from Pink Knight packs will go to Breast Cancer Research. Beat up your enemies with RAINBOWS!  I understand it hasn’t yet released in all regions, but it is coming to all for sure. Here are some love-ly screenshots:

#3. Super Soviet Missile Mastar has released on to iThings (iOS)! So far only a few people have managed to beat our high score of 20.5k… Can you? We’re going to give a special prize to the first person to get the Fly 50,000 km achievement!! Oh, did we mention its FREE?

love and lollipops,


Super Soviet Missile Mastar launch is GO

Greetings Comrade!

On day of 40th capitalist leader, Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday, The Behemoth Mother Russia launch game to improve life quality of proletariat citizen. Super Soviet Missile Mastar (Super Soviet) requires your Marxists fingers to take control of “care package” that must be safely delivered to undisclosed country of origin. Along the way you’ll encounter birds, helicopters, and even revived B-1 bombers from the Carter Administration! You will enjoy. Da!

Thanks to Reaganomics (see what we did there) we can offer you this title for absoloutely free! But, please  to remember, in Soviet Russia games play you!

Observing please game’s glorious 8-bit technology here on iTunes.