Super Soviet Missile Mastar targets your iPhone/iPad

Greetings comrades,

In our very first foray into iOS development, we are bringing Super Soviet Missle Mastar into the palms of your hands.  The much beloved and not at all offensive mini game from Alien Hominid HD will let you pilot your missile into the capitalist pigs*, dodging the usual helicopters, planes, and pesky birds. Assuming Apple doesn’t employ anti-air measures during the approval process, we expect to launch this into the universe sometime in the next month, for FREE! SSMM will push your iPhone to the edge of its capabilities with state-of-the art 8-bit graphics! Remember, in Soviet Russia game plays you.

*Any resemblance to any actual capitalist pigs living or dead is purely coincidental.

3 thoughts on “Super Soviet Missile Mastar targets your iPhone/iPad”

  1. You should release the PDA-stickman game for the iphone.
    including the level editor, sharing levels via importing/exporting the map into a text, and maybe bluetooth multiplayer.
    you would be gods and i would pay like 10$ for that!

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