Another Summer! Another Summer Sale!

What is this, a crossover episode?!

Now for something completely different: getting stuff for less monetary stuff than that stuff normally goes for!

Yes, you maybe read that sentence right: It’s Steam Summer Sale Time! While it isn’t an official holiday yet, we won’t tell if you suddenly come down with a cold for a long summer weekend of gaming… If you’re still reading this, you’re most likely aware of what I’m about to tell you so I’ll just say it really, really fast:

The Steam Summer Sale is happening, literally happening right now, right this second until July 13th and all of our games are on sale like Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Pit People but Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater are 80% off while Pit People is 56% off and our bundles are also a percent off and you can buy them now, you can buy them tomorrow, just be sure to buy them before July 13th at 10AM Pacific Time or you’re going to have to find more monetary stuffs to stuff these titles into your Steam library and/or backlog and I’m done with my run-on sentence!

Have A Good Summer (HAGS) from the Big Chicken!

Gobble Gobble! Autumn Sales Are Here!

It’s almost time; the potatoes have been mashed, the pies crusted, the cranberries cranberried… and the Churkey is in the oven! Only thing left to do is to don your fanciest of clothes before you sit down for a holiday meal surrounded by family…

What better way to do that than in a shirt with a pooping deer on it? And before you accept any grief for your choice of attire, remind everybody that it’s a talking piece.

Absolutely everything in our merch store will be 30% off over the Holiday of the Turkey, November 25th to 28th. Load up on socks for the cold winter upon us, tuck yourself into a warm duck shark plush hat, or cuddle up under one of our throw blankets. If you have the sniffles from the weather, why not dress up your tissue box with Hatty Hattington? Boring, generic tissue box no more!

We have tons of trinkets and stocking stuffers to prep for that onslaught of gift wrapping madness near the end of the year. Or treat yourself, just because, since you earned it.

Go forth and peruse; if you still need a link to our store, click here!

Plus, to make the deal extra savory, we’re throwing you a (wish)bone and treating you to a FREE scarf with any purchase over $40! Use the discount code SCARFYYY in your cart to qualify and get that sweet, swaddling goodness.

As if that wasn’t already the spice to your pumpkin, the Autumn Steam Sale is HERE!

If you’ve partaken in the past, you’ll know that all of our games get a good slash to the price tag, and a couple bundles do as well.

Castle Crashers is 80% off
Battleblock Theater is 80% off
Pit People is 56% off

And our two bundles got a price cut as well:
Can’t Stop Laughing Bundle (Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater) is 76% off
– And Ultra Baby’s Co-op Chaos (Two copies of Battleblock Theater for you and a friend) is also 76% off!

All these sweet Steam discounts are available now until November 29th.

Remember, our merch sale goes live November 25th, and the Steam sale is live now until November 29th!

Be safe over the holidays, and The Chicken will see you all after you’re finished with your turkey. Gobble-bawk!