PLAY Paris Recap

With the release of Pit People this past March, we were given an opportunity to share our game with the world, and to allow the world to share with us. Not only does this come in the form of social engagement, support, or fandom per-se, but also with consumer facing gaming conventions. We travel, we meet, we talk, we play, we eat, and then talk some more. It’s a beautiful reminder that what we do is just as much a people thing as it is a game thing. A community, after all, is made up of people that make and play games.

Last month we found ourselves exhibiting at PLAY Paris, a new show powered by PAX (yes, we aren’t sure what that means either). In and around the show we did some press interviews, took in some sights, and ate food at a rate comparable to what feels like in an All You Can Quaff tournament. Before all this though, we did as we always do: we checked out the show site. To our delight, it was located in a beautiful space in the middle of Park la Villette, a large park north of Paris center crisscrossed by large canals with Parisians floating by on little motorboats eating wine and cheese. We are not making this up! The picturesque scene was not only a gorgeous setting, but served as a nice metaphor for what was to come: a shared intimate space for community and discovery.

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Behemoth at PLAY Paris Powered by PAX

We’ve said “good bye” to PAX East and now a couple of our team members are heading to France to say “bonjour” to PLAY Paris Powered by PAX!

We’re excited to be part of this new gaming festival, which will take place on April 21st – 22nd at Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris.

Attendees will be able to meet with two members of our team, John Baez (co-founder) and Ian Moreno (game developer), plus there’s a chance to demo Pit People in our booth as well as play some of our other games in the Free Play area (Booth B016)! Hope to see you there!

Show Hours:
April 21, 2018 : 10AM – 11PM
April 22, 2018: 10AM – 8PM

Grande Halle de la Villette
75019 Paris, France

More info and tickets at

(Originally posted on March 27, 2018. Reposted with booth info)