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Preview: The Behemoth at PAX Prime

We’re super excited to be traveling north to Seattle for the 2012 PAX show. In just two weeks, we will be meeting with awesome people like you, showing them how to play BattleBlock Theater and introducing Castle Crashers Steam edition. Of course, we have a new assortment of clothing and goodies for PAX Prime attendees…. Read more »

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Something… dark… is in the works

Much like he raises the dead, we’ve just unearthed a prototype for a deluxe poseable Necromancer figure! Admit it, you’ve always wanted to command an army of loyal skeletons… and soon you may be able to do that very thing if you play your cards right. We’ve been forging this Necromancer prototype in a secret… Read more »

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PAX Setup Day 2: The Reckoning

Day 2 of our booth setup for PAX has been just as busy as the first, but things are coming together nicely. Of course, we didn’t want to keep you out of the loop, so we snapped a bunch o’ photos and shot another video for you to enjoy. Let’s start with the photos once… Read more »

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