BattleBlock Theater Releases Steam on May 15th

I have several good things to tell you!


What’s May 15th got to do with anything? Oh, I remember now. BattleBlock Theater is releasing on Steam for Windows & Linux! Yes that’s what I wanted to say. And that’s all. Nothing else to say.


WAIT, NO. I forgot some other stuff. We’ve done some great things during the development of the Steam version that should make everything a little bit better and nothing a little bit worse (as far as I know!!!!!). Cats are fatter, weapons can be immediately switched, Steam Trading, Steam Trading Cards, alterations of the “better” variety exist for sure. The base price for such splendor shall be $14.99.


“$14.99?”, you say? “The Splendor overtakes my being! I am so happy I don’t even know what else I could be saying and I should be getting it right now instead of talking!” “Yes” I reply, “But you cannot get it now because it isn’t May 15th yet.“*




If you’re not familiar with this whole thing, you can check out a video of our announcement trailer here:



Definitely don’t have anything else to announce. Nothing of the surprise variety or anything like that. Oh wait, yes, there is something;


If you were a Steam Beta Tester for us I’d like to let you know that your copy of the game will be FREE. That’s right – Beta Testers shall get their copy for FREE! This is our way of saying thank you for helping us identify any threats.


“Should I remember to delete the Beta before diving in to avoid any weirdness?” You ask. “Why yes, how thoughtful of you!”* I reply.


* These dialogues are here for example purposes and any exact conversations that have occurred like this are merely coincidental.


– Dan Paladin


TL;DR Version

-BattleBlock Theater coming to Steam on May 15th
-Steam version available for Windows and Linux
-Base price of game will be $14.99
-Beta Testers will get the game for FREE!
New stuff to Steam version:
–Fat cats
–Steam trading
–Steam trading cards
–Steam Workshop
–Quick weapon swapping

BBT Steam Registrations Close Friday


This Friday morning, March 21st, we’ll be closing off the registration form for our BattleBlock Theater Steam Closed Beta. We will start reviewing the applicants this week and start sending out acceptance emails so please keep your eye on your inboxes for that golden ticket. You know it’ll be pretty sweet! (Haha, see what we did there?) And for those who still need a bit of persuasion before signing up for the beta, check out our announcement trailer below:



Our tentative start date for Closed Beta of our Windows version of BattleBlock Theater Steam will be next week. A Closed Beta means you’ll need to register to get a beta key, but anyone 13-years-old and up are welcome to sign up!
Read all the rules and sign up here before it’s too late.



For those of you who are curious about other versions of BattleBlock Theater, we’re happy to announce that we are currently working on the Linux version of the game as well, but it will not be ready in time for the beta. The only confirmed version for Steam at this time is for Windows, and once the first PC version is out, we will focus our attention on the Linux version. Until then, don’t get too excited staring at the pot and waiting for the water to boil.