Play Castle Crashers Steam with Gameplay 2

Another exciting and innovative way of playing Castle Crashers Steam Edition is coming your way by the makers of Gestureworks Gameplay! This summer, Android users will also be able to link up their devices to specific Steam games, including Castle Crashers on PC. Version 2 of Gameplay will allow players to co-op using their touch devices as the Android phones and tablets turn into fully customizable Virtual Controllers.
Version 2 allows up to four players to be connected for use in co-op and multiplayer games. While the Virtual Controllers can emulate the joystick, buttons, D-pad, and other controls of a standard game control, the easy-to-use drag and drop interface allows for so much more customization. Opacity, size, and sensitivity can all be adjusted and there are even game-specific skins available such as for Castle Crashers with each of the four controllers showing a unique color and character from the game.
See how you can battle Catfish and Barbarians with your friends using Gameplay 2:

Read more about Gestureworks Gameplay 2 on their blog post.