The Chicken Coop Steam Sale!

Is it “coop” or is it “co-op”? Those are basically our two favorite things here at The Behemoth, so how does a little bit of both sound?

In celebration of PAX West, we’re having a behemoth Steam sale. Does that mean we’re The Behemoth, or that the sale is a behemoth? Both! Seeing a trend here?

Anyway, from August 29th through September 5th, we’re hosting the first-ever Chicken Coop Steam Sale, which means that ALL Behemoth games available on Steam will be on sale! Mind if we provide a sampling?

You can’t beat the coop co-op classics: get yourself or a friend a copy of Castle Crashers or BattleBlock Theater (or both) for 60% off! Work together, or sabotage each other; we won’t tell you how to treat your friends.

Or, set off on The Behemoth’s most recent adventure with Pit People, which will be on sale for 40% off! We promise there will be space bears, blueberries, and tiny iced creams.

If you’re missing a game in your Behemoth collection, be sure to head over to Steam to grab a copy before the sale comes to an end on September 5th. Enjoy!

All-New Castle Crashers Figurines Debut at PAX West!

Don’t crash castles alone! Gear up for your next adventure and bring a friend along in the very palm of your hand with the all-new run of Castle Crashers figurines, available for the first time at PAX West 2019!

Standing several inches tall and appropriately armed for battle, you can snag your very own Knight in Red, Blue, Green, Orange, or even Pink!

What handsome, large heads.

Or, keep your friends close and your enemies closer with a Barbarian, Bear, or Skeleton at your side. We can promise they won’t attack you… this time.

These figurines will be available for the first time at PAX West for $40. If you can’t make it to the show, don’t fret! They’ll be crashing our online store later this year.

Collect your favorites, collect them all, or don’t collect any of them and wish you did later!