Mummy Undead Rising!

To survive in BattleBlock Theater, you always need to be on the move. Not only forward, but upwards! This week we observe Prisoners #10334 and #10401 partake in griefing activities and movement trajectories. Mummy dude and living skeleton dude will show you just how to use help each other and to get up on your own!

There’s more than one way to move up.

If you chose the dart gun as your weapon, you’ve got a fun one! Shoot your partner or enemy to knock ’em down and make your next move! Or, be practical and shoot a dart at a block when vertically challenged.  Doing so will allow you to use the attached dart as a temporary platform!  Highly functional.

Using body parts

The simplest way to help a friend when they can’t get up is to press the action button when you’re at the edge of a block. This will extend your hand to lift your friend up!

Another way to use your hand to help a friend (with pizzazz) is to employ the use of your fist to UPPERCUT PUNCH your friend up! It might hurt a little… but hey, it works!

If you’re a hard head like Prisoner #10401, you won’t mind that your mummy friend gets ahead by jumping on your head if they’re thankful for your cooperation…right? Hopefully skeletons can handle these intense HEADJUMPS!

Pick your poison!

Your Favorite Pink Knight<3,