BattleBlock Theater Quotes

It’s been a full week of BattleBlock Theater Beta testing and things are running smoothly. Our Beta Testers have been so awesome to do the scheduled tasks on time, fill out the surveys and also post any issues on the private Beta Forums! This whole process has been a huge help.

While it hasn’t all been fun and games, with all this seriousness and structure, there have been a lot of unique & funny comments coming from Beta Testers.

We’d like to highlight some of our favorite quotes and share them with you! These mini comics have been drawn by our artist, Eric Haddad, and we’ll continue Tweeting a new image everyday.

Follow us on Twitter @TheBehemoth and send us your reactions to BattleBlock Theater. Anyone can do it! If you’ve played at the trade shows or at the Beta, let us know what you think of BattleBlock #BBTQuotes.



Our very own Dan Paladin jumped into the Online arena with Beta Testers and taught players some new tricks to winning the arena matches. Try escaping his head-stomps if you can!