Let the Games Begin! Tournament of Champions 9/8/2012

>>UPDATE: Live Stream of Tournament will no longer be available, but we will keep you updated with plentiful forum posts (under Tournament of Champions section) and will post winners after every hour or so!


It’s been a couple weeks since we last spoke of the tournament, but our chosen knights who fought valiantly in the Qualifying Rounds have been practicing with true spirit and soul for the arrival of the day we call Tournament of Champions. It was postponed to September 8th for various reasons but there was absolutely no stopping this Tournament from happening. Someone, somewhere will be awarded with the golden Xbox and other Behemoth fortunes! The skills of our warriors will be observed September 8th from 10AM-5PM PST and the fates will decide the winner.

Before battle, give these knights encouragement and shower them with flowers in the forums if you desire (all you have to do is leave a positive comment). Players of the Tournament may also stay updated and chat with the official referees by posting here:


If you choose to join us on the day of the Tournament as a spectator, then you will find that our forums or official Tournament page will be the best place to find info on the latest winners of the rounds. The final matches in the final hour will be recorded and come Monday you will be able to see the courageous men, women, boys and girls fight to their animated death. One will stand victorious at the end.

For honor. For love. For golden Xbox.

PAX Prime 2012 – Day 2

Rule #1 of survival at PAX should be to stay hydrated and energized throughout the show. If you aren’t able to go out of the convention for sustenance, then do your best to eat what you can. We learned this the hard way when two fans came up to the Behemoth booth and tore Dan Paladin’s hands off and started gnawing on them ferociously.

Here’s some of the crazy things that went down the past couple days:




Dan’s beautiful artistic hands are fine. Thanks for your concern.