Over 3 Million Castle Crashers

September was another busy month for us. We attended our 7th PAX Prime, we revealed our level editor for BattleBlock Theater, hosted our second tournament for Castle Crashers, and finally saw our leaderboards for Castle Crashers pass the 3 million mark.

While we were in Seattle for PAX Prime 2012 the XBLA Castle Crashers leaderboards reached 3 million!ย This means that over three million humans have hacked and slashed their way into a castle in hopes of gaining animated glory! We are tremendously grateful that in four years, we’ve had the continuing opportunity to share this game with the world.

Castle Crashers continues to be exposed to new gamers who are just getting used to their controllers, to experienced gamers ready for challenges on insane mode, and everyone in between who just wants to play a great game. Reaching the 3 million in leaderboards means a lot to us for so many reasons. It shows us that there is still demand for 2D games like Castle Crashers. It motivates us to keep on creating fresh and original content like in Castle Crashers.

Thank you to everyone who has played our games and continues to support us as an independent developer. We’ll keep on fighting and making games as everyone continues to fight in our games.


In other BIG news, the results to the 2012 Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions (Xbox) are in! Who were the tournament victors?

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Over the weekend, on September 8th, several of our development team gathered around on Xbox LIVE and connected with Castle Crashers fighters all over the world in our 2nd Annualย Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions, The Fight to 3 Million! The players had put in countless hours the weeks before to qualify for the tournament and that practice was visible over the course of the tournament. With precise skill, a bit of luck and lots of love for the Castle Crashers game, the competitors fought to prove who are the top Castle Crashers Arena fighters in the world! ย Our top 3 finalists, winning the exciting grand prizes are:


Congratulations to all our fighters! Your skills in battle have impressed us as much as your courage and sportsmanship. We are grateful for everyone’s cooperation in helping us make this an awesome experience for every person involved. Everyone who competed in this 2nd Tournament on September 8th will get a prize. We have sent out an e-mail to all the players with details on the prizes and will be sending the prize to the address on the registration forms.

During the Tournament, we did our best to provide the latest info by updating our brackets and also communicating to competitors through the forums. While there was no live stream, we were able to capture video of a few matches. Here is a video highlighting some of the matches from the tournament:

PSN players… are you looking to get in on the action? We’ll be starting up information in October/November 2012 for the PSN Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions. Until then, keep your armor shiny and your weapons ready. Sharpen your sword and skills in the Castle Crashers arena!


Happy Fightin’,

The Behemoth