It’s cold!

We have withdrawn from the Slamdance Guerrilla Gamemaker Competition due to the ever unfolding events surrounding the festival.
Head on over to our friend Ian’s site for more info about the controversy.
Best of luck to the intrepid souls who have decided to travel to Park City this week.
More importantly however, look at the current weather in Park City.

Current weather in Park City, Utah
Feels Like

Feels like 4 !! That’s way too cold for us, our immune system is solely running on Dr. Pepper and video games.

Consumer Electronic Show 2007

Alien Hominid HD made it’s first appearance at the CES, (Consumer Electronic Show, held in Las Vegas) where he was on display at the Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade booth. From what we heard, and based on some of the coverage from the event, it was a huge hit.

Here are some other videos from our little yellow friend in action in a stage demo at the CES 2007.

**Update** – Plans have changed and we’ve officially dropped out of Slamdance, read all about it here

Happy New Year!

Our first post of the New Year, YAY!
We hope everyone had a good holiday/New Year experience. Now that 2007 has started we are all very anxious to get things rolling with Castle Crashers and our upcoming release of Alien Hominid HD for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade. Our schedule for this year will be very hectic to say the least. This week we are hard at work getting our Behemoth Mobile Street Team geared up with snowgear so they don’t freeze in Park City, where we will be next week to discuss the future of independent gaming as we know it!