Week 14 Winners

I’m not late this week with posting the leaderboard results, YA! So here we go: RYW209 takes the top spot for Alien Hominid for the second straight week, and in the All You Can Eat category, XShagrath grabs the win, and more importantly has secured his third all-time win and has been placed in our Hall of Fame, nice!

In other news, one of our fans over on our forums made a Alien Hominid themed Mini Cooper in Forza 2 (thanks Elephant Stone). In the same week our very own Dan Paladin sent me his own variations of a Behemoth themed car, as well as his own custom Alien Hominid design. At any rate, here are the cars, just click on them to get the larger views.

Dan Paladin’s Design
Elephant Stone’s Design

Week 12 Winners

The winners for week 12 of our leaderboard competition are in! This week we have Lord Nicholai taking his third win for the Alien Hominid category, and earning his spot in the coveted Hall of Fame. In the All You Can Eat competition, XShagrath takes the 1st place spot and earns his second all-time win. If you’re interested in picking up some of these trophies, head on over to our Leaderboards section and take a look at the rules to get yourself started.

Also, 41 days left until Comic-Con 2007! Ahhh!!!!!