Bundling up a kaleidoscope of colorful combat

ICYMI: Pit People had its full release earlier this month! For you Behemoth supporters out there, we wanted to give you a heads up that you’ll get special Castle Crashers & BattleBlock Theater items in Pit People when you own both games on the same account.

For Steam players, you’ll get the blue knight, red knight, orange knight, and green knight helmets for owning Castle Crashers + Pit People. If you also own BattleBlock Theater, you’ll unlock a Hatty face and Cat Guard skin for your Mascots in Pit People.

For Xbox One players, because Castle Crashers Remastered is our only other Xbox One game, you’ll get all six items for owning both Castle Crashers Remastered and Pit People on the same account.

Bundles of Joy

If you don’t already own both games to unlock these cross unlocks then we’ve got good news for you: Today our Castle Crashers Remastered + Pit People Bundle just released on Xbox One! You can get two of our games at a discounted price. We also have a similar bundle on Steam with our Castle Crashers + Pit People Bundle. Get both games for yourself or gift it to a friend!

A kaleidoscope of colorful combat, enjoy two of our couch co-op adventures in one lovingly wrapped package!

Have your hack n’ slash and eat your strategy too in a bundle that pairs Castle Crasher’s classic arcade beat ’em up with the fast-paced, turn based action of Pit People! Loaded with weapons and characters to discover, both games feature dangerously hilarious landscapes for you to explore, either alone or with some of your friendliest besties. Add a side dish of fresh and exciting PVP combat to your experience, if you want… or not! We’re not here to tell you how to play.

Because we love you.