Halloween Contest Winners 2017

Each year we have the tough task of choosing our favorite Behemoth costumes and decorations from the community. It’s super difficult because there are always so many amazing entries each year!

This year, we chose the top 3 for both categories and we had a few honorable mentions as well. Here they are:

Top 3 Decorations

“Cosmic space bear pumpkin”

Happy Halloween! Here’s my #BehemothHalloween decoration. I hope you like It!

“We’ll be flying at an altitude of who cares, destination unknown.”


Top 3 Costumes

“Choose your hero”

#behemothhalloween #hattyhattington #catguard #mykidscantbesimple

“Happy Halloween! Here’s my #BehemothHalloween costume. Hope you like It!”


Honorable Mentions
These entries didn’t make it to the top 3, but they were still exceptional! We’ll be sending a keychain to each of the following contestants.

“I made a pumpkin Cupcake from Pit People, complete with frosting catapult and pumpkin seed sprinkles!”

“Gluten the Cupcake with a pumpkin brain for icing! Seems he wants to eat you more than heal you though…”

“Hatty Hattington”

“Pip is best girl”

“Happy Halloween from Oliver (10) and Henry (8)!!! #BehemothHalloween”

“Vengeance and Friendship”


If you’d like to see all of the Halloween Contest entries, check out this gallery before November 7th.

You can also vote on your favorite entries in the gallery by November 7th, 11:59PM PDT. The 5 entries with the most votes from the community will get a free game code for one of our games.

Thank you again to everyone who created a costume or made decorations for Halloween based on our games. It’s so awesome to see our characters come to life!