Return of Mr. P Furbottom in BBT

It’s National Boss’s Day! For this occasion, we’re bringing back Purrham Furbottom–because even bosses need to get out from time to time. Work with side-by-side with Furbottom in BattleBlock Theater!
If you don’t already have him in your special unlocks, then you can unlock him for a limited time only–but he’s going to make you work for him. LIKE A BOSS!
Unlock Purrham Furbottom by completing either the Furbottom’s Features solo or co-op levels. This week, we have a new set of solo levels that we’ve featured!
XBLA Solo Feature:
Final Stage by BMcKenzie65
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate
Steam Solo Feature:
Magic Adventure by Species of Rock
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Thanks to John, Dan, and Tom for being the awesome-est of bosses. πŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “Return of Mr. P Furbottom in BBT”

  1. Awesome! One more to add to my collection! Hopefully we get manbirth soon, he is my all time favorite and one of the few I don’t have πŸ˜€

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