A few improvements to Castle Crashers Remastered


For those of you who have been enjoying hours of hacking, slashing, and adventuring in Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One, we’re here to make your experience even more awesome! There were a few visual and matchmaking improvements for this update:
* Removed multiplayer privileges message being erroneously shown
* Some misc. fixes for issues that would occur after regaining network connection
* Fixed issue where multiplayer privileges messages were being incorrectly displayed.
* Fixed online issue where clients were booted out of a match if the host becomes disconnected.
* Addressed issue with lobby timer resetting when players read up and then un-ready.
Back Off Barbarian (BoB) specific updates:
* Rich presence is now set for BoB.
* Improvements with overall BoB gameplay.
* Addressed spamming and potential exploits.
* Added a potion indicator.
* Updated the loneliness meter art.
The next time you load up Castle Crashers Remastered, you will get prompted to update the game. These changes will go into effect immediately!
Thanks again for choosing to experience Castle Crashers Remastered on Xbox One!