Alien Hominid’s 13th Anniversary!

Today is 13th anniversary for Alien Hominid on Newgrounds! It was the game that started it all for us! You can still check out the flash game on Newgrounds or you could play Alien Hominid HD version on Xbox Live Arcade.
In celebration of this anniversary, we’re giving out FBI Agent1 to those who complete the Furbottom’s Features in BattleBlock Theater! You can play the solo playlist or play the newly updated co-op playlist:
XBLA Co-Op Feature:
Cooperate by RAIDER H
Difficulty Rating: Easy
(We apologize for the delay in putting up this XBLA Co-Op Feature. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, but we will update this post as soon as it’s up! Thanks for your patience)
Steam Co-Op Feature:
catty catty by Puszkoslaw
Difficulty Rating: Easy
Have fun playing and unlocking this special prisoner!


4 thoughts on “Alien Hominid’s 13th Anniversary!”

  1. how long is this one going to be available? my son is out of town, and i don’t know if i should get it for him, or wait until he is back his weekend.

    • They usually stay up for two weeks from the first day we put it up. As long as he is able to get back on before next Thursday then he should be good!

  2. Hello, I play on XBLA, played through solo Furbottom’s feature and defeated it twice now, and I’ve replayed the finale 3 times, still no head unlocks. I see the comment about the XBLA Co-op feature not being updated (my co-op still shows as the last one not showing as Cooperate yet). I get the co-op may not be updating, but is there a reason why this head is not unlocking for me on Solo mode? I’ve been playing this game regularly for months now (after initially beating it) never had a head not unlock before! Any suggestion would be much appreciated. thanks! Love this game so much!

    • Hi! We’re so sorry to have to tell you that the technical difficulties we’re experiencing also disallow us from updating the prisoner unlocks. πŸ™ Once things are up and running again, we will notify everyone on our social channels and in the next available Furbottom’s Features. Thank you for your patience.

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