Get a kick out of this boot

Did I ever tell you that boots are my favorite type of shoe to wear? Ok, I’m just speaking woman to world, having a heart-to-hearts. Boots are awesome because reasons. There’s so much variety, they’re stylish, they’re practical, and you can wear them almost anywhere. You could even wear them in BattleBlock Theater!
But I just found out that June 1st is “Go Barefoot Day!” So rather than waste this perfectly good speech and boot, we came up with a solution: you can still be festive and just wear the boot on your head! Talk about a magnificent feet!
The only thing missing is the other shoe!
We’ve left this part up to you.
Will you find your solemate, too????!!!??
Well, if you check out this week’s new Furbottom’s Features co-op playlist then you and your designated partner will both get Boot after finishing all non-encore levels.
XBLA Co-Op Feature:
Deadly Prison by miner8999
Steam Co-Op Feature:
Satellite by echoplex

Happy Friday! Go out and kick some boot!

8 thoughts on “Get a kick out of this boot”

  1. I can’t play. Today, everytime I tried to play Furbottom’s Features online at multiplayer it says: “The BattleBlock Theater service is not available. Please try again later.”
    I have already tried 17 hours ago and it was the same result. X_X

    • I have sent a ticket and, by the reply I received, it seems that they are trying to fix it now.
      Also I was looking for the map in the community and I couldn’t find it, so I SUPPOSE the creator deleted, moved or renamed the map and we can’t download it, but I CANNOT assure you this is the real problem.

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