Snails slide back in to BattleBlock Theater

FeaturePost_SnailDid you know that May 24th marks National Escargot Day? Edible snails were one of the first animals to be eaten and farmed by man. Now, you can find Snails in BattleBlock Theater too!
Just load up the game and head towards an online area to unlock this special character. If you find some toast in game, you could have an escargot sandwich! Then you’ll have your fill of carbs and protein for the day! Just remember, kids: not all species of land snail are edible. Don’t go around popping every snail you see into your mouth…
Also out this week, new Featured Arena levels! These were level playlists made by the community and selected by our very own level design team.
XBLA Arena Feature
Smoshageddon by Mr P Furbottom

Steam Arena Feature
King o da arena by Sunny III


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