Gerard comes back to lend you a hand and an eye

It’s time for another Furbottom’s Features update! Hooray for Fridays!
We’re updating the community made Co-Op playlists and you’ll be able to find the features under Furbottom’s Features in BattleBlock Theater. You’ll need another player to lend you a hand in these playlists if you want to finish the levels. For your efforts, we’ll even give you another hand when you finish the playlist! Heck, we’ll lend you an eye too!

You’ll be able to unlock Gerard when you finish either the Furbottom’s Features Co-Op feature or Solo feature. This special unlock will only be available for a limited time. If you already have Gerard in your list of Star prisoners, then you will not be receiving an unlock notification.
Here are this week’s updates in Furbottom’s Features:
XBLA Co-Op Feature:
spikey list by JustMalice
Difficulty level: Expert

Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode!
*A special note regarding Prisoner unlocks: Remember you can complete either Story mode Furbottom’s Feature to unlock this week’s featured Prisoner. If the Solo Feature is too hard, try Co-Op and vice versa! You can even recomplete current Feature’s you have already played!

Steam Co-Op Feature:
Time to Run by Stan_
Difficulty level: Intermediate

Oh, the lovely middle. The greenest grass will occasionally be right here, firmly content to be on the fence. Levels in line with the difficulty of the original Story campaign will be here. Expect some challenge, but nothing too strenuous.

Good luck!