AGDQ2015 BBT Speedrun Recap

It isn’t often that we get to watch people speedrun through the entirety of one of our games in one sitting! We spent three hours on a Skype call with Games Done Quick for their charity event, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), which raises funds to benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation. In their speedrun of BattleBlock Theater, PJDicesare & MechaRichter played the full game in the 100% category, which involved getting an A++ rating on every single stage (including secret stages), collecting every gem and yarn in the game, and getting the time bonus–all in under 2:45. And they did it!


PJDicesare & MechaRichter were phenomenal performers in every way. We were extremely impressed with their ability to focus on the speedrun, give us insight on their strategies, crack jokes, and manage not to get distracted by Dan & Will (especially Will). This morning, we couldn’t stop talking about how much we enjoyed every minute of the event: omega jumps, blastarangs, re-naming our prisoners, the color yellow, pigs vs. horses, etc. There were plenty of moments they left us stunned at how they manipulated the game mechanics to their advantage.
If you missed the live stream yesterday, then you missed out on 2 hours and 45 minutes of pure fun. Or did you? Games Done Quick have posted the video of the entire speedrun! (Spoiler Alert! If you didn’t guess already, the ending is revealed since the speedrun goes through the whole game.) Here’s the video:

We wish AGDQ the best of luck in hitting their fundraising goal of $500K towards the Prevent Cancer Foundation. AGDQ continues its speedrun events through January 10th, 2015. Check out their website HERE for the schedule of live streams and to learn how to help.
Now it’s time for us to get back to work! Top of our to-do list: Do Stuff??


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